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Cristiano Ronaldo haircut and hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo new haircut and hairstyle in 2011-2012
Cristiano Ronaldo is not only the best football player in the world, as he's also one of the biggest sex symbols of his generation. Sometimes accused of being narcissist,Ronaldo definately has a huge pride on his hair and we often see him adopting different haircuts and hairstyles during a single season. We have no idea on who is Cristiano Ronaldo hairdresser, but whoever he or she is, has a great customer on CR7.
Some of Ronaldo most loyal and old fans, certainly still remember those first days when Cristiano Ronaldo started playing in Sporting CP and moved to Manchester United in 2003. The Portuguese player had a very messy hairstyle, with some sort of weird braiding coming out of his hair. What a change we witnessed in the last years, probably because Ronaldo earned a new taste in what concerns a fashion haircutand hairstyle, during his stay in Manchester and more recently in Real Madrid.

How to get your hair like Cristiano Ronaldo

Usually, Cristiano Ronaldo chooses to get a medium-short hairstyle, with the haircut longer on the top and a bit shorter on both sides. By nature, Ronaldo's hair gets curly, so a good technique to overcome that is creating small layers to avoid hairpiling up in those areas.
This way of cutting hair, provides Cristiano Ronaldo a very flexible and versatilehaircut, allowing the Portuguese player to choose from a wide variety of possiblehairstyles, which you can see by yourself in several pictures below. A Ronaldo hairstyle quite often requires using some hair gel, but you can apply it easily by putting some of the product on the palms of your hands and rub it around your newhaircut in upward movements.
One the big advantages of going forward with a Ronaldo haircut style, is the wide options made available from it. You can almost change your hairstyle on a daily basis, without needing to cut it or do any major maintenance and time consumption task. Check some of the best Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles and haircuts pictures below. Images and pictures are numbered from 1 to 44, so take a look at them and let us know in the comments box located in the bottom of the page, which Ronaldo haircut and hairstyle you like the most.

Cristiano Ronaldo haircut and hairstyle through the years

Picture 1
Cristiano Ronaldo first horrible hairstyle brown hair
Picture 2
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle in Manchester United 2003-2004
Picture 3
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle in Portugal, in the Euro 2004
Picture 4
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle in the first years at manchester united, in 2003-2004
Picture 5
Cristiano Ronaldo neat hairstyle
Picture 6
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle with hair pulled back
Picture 7
Cristiano Ronaldo special hairstyle for levis and armani photoshoot campaign posters
Picture 8
Cristiano Ronaldo badass haircut hairstyle
Picture 9
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle in Manchester United in the early years
Picture 10
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle and haircut in Portugal
Picture 11
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle hairstyle in Man. Utd. 2007-2008
Picture 12
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle with lots of gel
Picture 13
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle in Real Madrid first season 2009-2010

Picture 14Cristiano Ronaldo cool hairstyle with gel
Picture 15
Cristiano Ronaldo haircut for the Portuguese National Team
Picture 16
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle 2011 Portugal
Picture 17
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle 2009-2010 in Real Madrid
Picture 18
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle haircut for photoshoot
Picture 19
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle in Manchester United 2006-2007
Picture 20
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle haircut in Real Madrid 2009
Picture 21
Cristiano Ronaldo haircut hairstlyle
Picture 22
Cristiano Ronaldo special haircut and hairstyle
Picture 23
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle for profile photo
Picture 24
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle in Manchester United with hair pulled back with gel
Picture 25
Cristiano Ronaldo haircut, with hair in rain
Picture 26
Cristiano Ronaldo haircut, using hair gel
Picture 27
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle Portugal
Picture 28
Cristiano Ronaldo haircut, with hair pulled up with gel
Picture 29
Cristiano Ronaldo haircut for premier debut
Picture 30
Cristiano Ronaldo haircut hairstyle in timeforce photoshoot
Picture 31
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle in a press conference
Picture 32
Cristiano Ronaldo professional haircut and hairstyle
Picture 33
Cristiano Ronaldo latest and new haircut, hairstyle in Real Madrid 2011-2012
Picture 34
Cristiano Ronaldo newest haircut and hairstyle 2011-2012
Picture 35
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle in Manchester United 2007-2008
Picture 36
Cristiano Ronaldo haircut hairstyle with two cuts in one side, 2011-2012
Picture 37
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle in a suit
Picture 38
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle with gel in 2006
Picture 39
Cristiano Ronaldo haircut in 2011
Picture 40
Cristiano Ronaldo formal haircut
Picture 41
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle with long hair in the back
Picture 42
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle in FIFA World Player of the Year ceremony
Picture 43
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle, with hair curled back

Picture 44
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle against Barcelona in 2011-2012 Spanish Super Cup
Picture 45
Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle for Real Madrid 2011-2012 pre-season

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