Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sepak bola itu anehh.... mau bukti? (football is strange)

Sepak bola itu anehh.... mau bukti? (football is strange)


What did you think?
Do not think that dirty
apa yang kamu pikirkan???????????????? jangan berfikir jorok

do not be surprised this is happening
The game of football in Indonesia are also growing rapidly. This is marked by the establishment of Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) in 1930 in Yogyakarta, whichis chaired by Soeratin Sosrosoegondo. To appreciate his services, began in 1966 Cupsoccer championship held Soeratin (Soeratin Cup) soccer championship that is the level of teenage cadets. At this time football game favored by almost all walks of life inIndonesia.

                     soccer is the world's favorite sport

football crazy

football is beautiful,soccer is sexy

Ga malu tu//?????

comedian from Indonesia

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